New facility will include research and development of highly sensitive graphene biosensors 

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – IdentifySensors® Biologics, a leading developer of digital diagnostic technologies, has opened a new research facility at the Innovation Center in Gainesville to develop additional products and support product evaluation. 

The laboratory includes scientists in material science, electrochemistry and molecular biology. With near-term plans to increase space and staff, the team is advancing digital biosensors that detect a wide range of pathogens through the company’s Check4® diagnostics platform. To date, IdentifySensors® has piloted biosensors for respiratory pathogens including COVID-19, Influenza, RSV and other pathogens. 

The facility will soon begin evaluating products to support planned regulatory submissions, while developing new sensors that rapidly detect pathogens such as sexually transmitted diseases Lyme, norovirus, rotavirus and adenovirus. 

The company’s long-term plans include biosensors intended to identify specific biomarkers that rapidly detect non-pathogen diseases, said IdentifySensors® CEO Greg Hummer, M.D.

“We have an outstanding group of scientists, who have taken this technology from the laboratory and made it commercially viable for large-scale production,” Hummer said. “We look forward to submitting this technology to the FDA this year and sharing our data with investors and strategic partners.” 

Hummer added that the Gainesville location was selected for its emerging bioscience community and access to industry-specific talent and resources.  

The Check4® diagnostic platform consists of an assay kit, including a sample collection device and test cartridge, a Bluetooth reader, cloud reporting system and mobile application. It is intended that as many as three pathogens will be detected and differentiated simultaneously from a single saliva sample within minutes.

This proprietary and patented technology works on graphene-based biosensors that target specific sequences of nucleic acids. The platform works on a molecular gene level and uses no enzymatic amplification or reagents. The testing of other bodily fluids is planned for future development. 

The Check4 diagnostic platform has not yet been approved for sale in the United States by the FDA.  


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