Bloomberg Business – IdentifySensors Biologics Develops Fast, Accurate, Over-the-counter RNA COVID Self-test
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December 28, 2020

<p>The test – Check4-COVID™ – will require no prescription, no nasal swabs, no<br /> mailed samples or waiting in line. The test’s greatest advantage is its<br /> ability to accurately detect asymptomatic and early infections on a molecular<br /> level – a significant weakness in home tests recently approved.</p> <p>“Chemical-based home tests do not detect the virus on a genetic level and<br /> often miss early and asymptomatic cases,” said IdentifySensors CEO Gregory<br /> Hummer MD. “By the time someone gets sick and tested, the virus usually has<br /> already spread. Our test catches early infections and asymptomatic cases<br /> within minutes and without clinical intervention. This is a major breakthrough<br /> in managing the pandemic.”</p> <p>The electronically based test sends precise RNA results to a user’s smartphone<br /> in minutes. Following FDA approval, anticipated early next year, Check4-COVID™<br /> intends to be an over-the-counter, entirely at-home self-test with accuracy<br /> that meets or exceeds the gold-standard in lab-grade testing.</p> <p>“This new platform technology takes pathogen testing down a completely<br /> different path than all the other diagnostic tests out there now,” said<br /> Richard Kuhn, director of Purdue’s Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and<br /> Infectious Disease. “Our COVID-19 testing research is showing very promising<br /> results.”</p>
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