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The Check4 platform by IdentifySensors represents a technological breakthrough, which electronically pinpoints genetic material of targeted pathogens in saliva. This portable self-test produces a digital signal that is analyzed in the cloud in less than three minutes with accuracy and sensitivity greater than PCR tests.

Solid-state electrodes enable almost instantaneous results without lab work, chemical reagents or amplification. In July 2022, the company partnered with Jabil Healthcare to optimize the technology for mass manufacturing.

The company expects FDA approval later this year, with large-scale manufacturing to follow soon after. IdentifySensors intends to significantly disrupt the diagnostics industry for multiple pathogens and realize substantial profits by 2023.

pathogen detection sensor reader in hand

Completely New Technology

How is Check4™ different from other pathogen tests?

The Pandemic has taught the public much about medical testing, its limitations and effectiveness. Check4™ by IdentifySensors, is not a PCR test, an antibody test or an antigen test. These are all outdated technologies developed 50 years ago, yet they still make up the vast majority of testing for infectious diseases today.

Check4™ is new patented technology that moves medical testing from a chemical reaction to a digital readout. It uses electronic pulses to measure precise levels of micro-electric currents that pass through viruses and bacteria. Each pathogen carries a digital signature, which is quickly identified in saliva and decoded through a small portable reader. When used, the reader transmits results wirelessly to the user’s smartphone in minutes.

In July 2022, this proprietary and patented technology moved from development stages while at Purdue University to the manufacturing stage with Jabil Healthcare. Soon, new devices will be manufactured by the millions for governments, health care systems and corporations.

Check4™ Features

Fast & Accurate Saliva Self-Test

Our Team Worked in Partnership with Purdue University

All New Nanosensor Technology

Results Available In Minutes

iOS & Android Compatible

Protected by 5 Patents

Find out more about our Patents & Technologies

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In Partnership with Purdue University

When IdentifySensors developed the concept for digital disease testing, the company knew it needed a world-class academic institution to verify the discovery and help move the technology to commercialization.

In 2019, IdentifySensors partnered with the world-renowned Department of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Purdue University.

In the spring of 2021, IdentifySensors moved the technology from the research lab to the commercialization stage, where the work at Purdue is being optimized for large-scale, roll-to-roll manufacturing.

In the summer of 2022, IdentifySensors completed its proof of concept and partnered with Jabil Healthcare to optimize the manufacturing process. The company intends to be awarded FDA approval later in 2023.

pathogen detection sensor reader in hand
pathogen detection sensor reader in hand

Proprietary and Patented Technology

Years ago, IdentifySensors began developing and patenting nanosensors that detect pathogens that grow in food during long-distance transport. When the pandemic struck, scientists turned their research to a rapid COVID test based on the same technology.

Soon into the development stage, researchers realized the technology could serve as an all-new disruptive platform that could forever change the medical testing industry. Check4™ currently has several utility patents, with others pending.

Why this Breakthrough is Significant

Disease testing has remained essentially unchanged for the past 50 years. The pandemic exposed that current methods can be clumsy, slow and inefficient. By moving the testing from a chemical-reaction model to a digital readout, IdentifySensors is projected to significantly disrupt the $50 billion diagnostics industry that will make most existing tests obsolete.
pathogen detection sensor reader in hand
woman on phone wearing a covid-19 mask

Multiplex Testing

IdentifySensors Biologic’s researchers have developed a new and disruptive nanosensor technology that rapidly detects COVID-19 and the multiple variants, and intends to develop multiplexed tests as well for influenza. Other intended pathogens include mumps, measles, MRSA, Hep C & B, HIV, foodborne pathogens, and more.

Benefits of Accurate Rapid Home Testing for Multiple Diseases

  • Immediate home results without a prescription or doctor’s visit
  • More frequent home testing will promote earlier detection
  • Earlier treatment for improved health outcomes
  • Lower costs for individuals and health-care providers
  • Reduced transmission rates of infectious diseases
  • Increased health-care efficiencies and use of telemedicine
  • Improved population health
  • Higher safety for health care workers
  • Greater access to testing and early treatment in developing nations
  • Real time observation of any future pandemic
woman on phone wearing a covid-19 mask
woman on phone wearing a covid-19 mask

Results In Hand

To use the test, download the smartphone app and complete the form. Simply place saliva into the reader. Minutes later, the test intends to show results on the smartphone app. That’s it. It was developed so the reader can be used multiple times, by multiple people utilizing different cartridges for different infections.


What does IdentifySensors Biologics do?

Check4™ is intended to be a fast, accurate and affordable saliva self-test for COVID-19 and a host of other infections. Results are displayed within minutes on a smartphone app, with accuracy that far exceeds current rapid home tests.

How is Check4-COVID different from all other COVID tests?
New CDC research shows that current rapid home tests give false results more than 50 percent of the time. Check4-COVID is intended to an over-the-counter rapid test with the accuracy of a PCR test. Reducing false negatives rapidly by this margin will be critical to slowing the spread and allowing people to return to normal.
Do healthcare professionals need to administer the test?
No. Check4-COVID™ is intended to be a simple self-test, similar to a home DNA test. Check4-COVID™ allows consumers to test their saliva on a device that connects to a smartphone. Results appear on the app within minutes in the privacy of a user’s home.
How does the test work?
Consumers buy a small, simple device and download the free smartphone app. A saliva sample is placed in the device, and the results appear within minutes on the app. It is intended that inexpensive replaceable cartridges will allow endless, affordable testing on each device.
How accurate is Check4-COVID™?
Following FDA approval, Check4-COVID™ intends to meet the gold-standard in hospital-grade molecular COVID testing with minimal false positives. This is significantly better than current home rapid tests.
Why does the test notify health authorities?
By law, all COVID test results must be reported to health authorities to help manage the pandemic. Check4-COVID™ is an electronic-based, self-test that fulfills legal reporting requirements automatically through smartphones.
Why does the test use a smartphone app?
Chemical-based tests often rely on visual indicators. Check4-COVID™ uses an electronic circuit, which enables a signal to be sent to smartphones. The app then reports results to health authorities, which is required by law.
What if I don’t have a smartphone?
The smartphone app allows multiple users on a single device. This enables family members who do not have smartphones to use the device and app belonging to someone with a smartphone.
Do I have to buy multiple devices to test other family members?
No. A family can share the same device. The smartphone app is intended to allow multiple users so family members can share the same app and device, while interchanging different test cartridges.
Is the Smartphone app HIPAA compliant? What happens to my personal information?
By law, all test results must be reported to state and federal health authorities. All information collected by the IdentifySensors app is confidential and shared only with government agencies that require it. Some test results are de-identified, meaning that names are removed from the test results. All data is treated by the same high standards as secure hospital records. The app is securely encrypted and fully HIPAA compliant.
Can I turn off the reporting function of the app?
No. By law, all test results for contagious diseases must be reported to state, and federal health authorities. All information collected by the Check4-COVID™ app is encrypted, confidential, and follows high hospital standards for HIPAA-compliant privacy.
How much will the test cost?
It is intended that the reusable reader will cost $130. Each test cartridge will cost less than $25. The accuracy of the test and the low cost are intended to promote more frequent testing.
How can I be sure the test is accurate?
World-renowned scientists at Purdue University, who specialize in infectious diseases, have been developing and verifying the test’s accuracy for commercialization. The test is intended to be available to consumers following FDA approval, which is anticipated this year.
What is the problem with current rapid tests?
New CDC research shows that more than 50 percent of current rapid test results are incorrect. Most PCR tests currently in use are expensive and take far too long for the results. These chemical-based tests often require samples to be transported to a laboratory for results.
When will the test be available to consumers?
Industry-leading scientists at Purdue University who specialize in infectious diseases have been developing and verifying the test for commercialization. The test is intended to be available to consumers following FDA approval this year.
Where will the test be sold?
Check4-COVID™ is intended to be sold online and through retail stores, such as pharmacies and grocery stores. High-volume commercial versions of the test are intended to be available to healthcare facilities and businesses through wholesale channels.
Can the test be used to minimize quarantine times?
Yes. Check4-COVID™ is intended to be fast, inexpensive and accurate, which enables frequent self-testing at home and without wait. Individuals infected with COVID-19, who quarantine at home, can self-test as often as they like to minimize quarantine times and return to their lives as soon as possible.
Is the test technology patented?
Yes, IdentifySensors holds several patents on various facets of the technology. Other patents are pending.
When will the product be available on the market?
Product development is in its final stages now. It is intended that the test will be available in 2021, following FDA approval.
How long will the FDA approval process take?
Check4-COVID™ soon will be submitted for FDA approval. We cannot be sure how long that process will last, but the process typically lasts a few weeks.
What other virus and bacteria can Check4 detect?
The unique technology enables the test to be easily modified for other pathogens, including other coronaviruses, influenza, Zika, dengue, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, Lyme disease, mumps, measles, chickenpox, and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), as well as foodborne pathogens.

How Your Investment Will Be Put to Work

The next step is to refine the designs for efficient large-scale commercialization and manufacturing. Your investment will help manufacture millions of Check4™ readers and test cartridges and help bring them to market soon.

pathogen detection sensor reader in hand

Ready to invest?

Help get this test to market soon and support the fast, accurate, and affordable smartphone-connected COVID self-test.