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How is Check4™ different from other pathogen tests?

The Pandemic has taught the public much about medical testing, its limitations and effectiveness. Check4™ by IdentifySensors®, is not a PCR test, an antibody test or an antigen test. These are all outdated technologies developed 50 years ago, yet they still make up the vast majority of testing for infectious diseases today.

Check4™ is new patented technology that moves medical testing from a chemical reaction to a digital readout. It uses electronic pulses to measure precise levels of micro-electric currents that pass through viruses and bacteria. Each pathogen carries a digital signature, which is quickly identified in saliva and decoded through a small portable reader. When used, the reader transmits results wirelessly to the user’s smartphone in minutes.

In July 2022, this proprietary and patented technology moved from development stages while we were at Purdue University to the manufacturing stage with Jabil Healthcare. Soon after FDA approval, new devices will be manufactured by the millions for governments, health care systems, corporations and eventually we intend for personal use.

A Tricorder for pathogen detection

Check4™ by IdentifySensors Biologics® is a next-generation digital diagnostic platform intended to detect multiple pathogens within 5 minutes at the gene level. The platform eliminates the need for enzymatic amplification and reagents. Graphene sensor technology has moved diagnostics beyond chemical testing into a rapid digital platform as accurate as a PCR test but significantly more sensitive and cost effective. 

Printed graphene sensors isolate targeted viruses and bacteria from saliva and other bodily fluids within a handheld, Bluetooth device. The platform is intended to detect the genetic material of dozens of pathogens for over-the-counter and point-of-care use.

With a target price at a fraction of current molecular tests, Check4™ is intended to disrupt the PCR market for many infections. Future plans for the platform include rapidly detecting biomarkers and T-cell immunity, in conjunction with direct diagnosis to help clinicians predict infection severity and vaccine effectiveness among individual patients.

How It Works


Step One

Patients and other end-users deposit a small saliva sample into the Check4® device, which is about the size of a cell phone. If targeted DNA or RNA is present in saliva, digital signals passing through the graphene sensors trigger a molecular reaction and a cloud-based algorithm determines the results. If the targeted pathogen is absent in the saliva, a molecular reaction cannot occur, and the test is deemed negative. Future plans include the ability to test through other bodily fluids. 


Step Two

The reactions among the genetic material are unmistakable. The algorithm verifies the data and sends results to a user’s cell phone or to a clinical database in minutes. These sensors use no chemical additives and can be easily functionalized by the manufacturer for COVID, Flu, RSV and a host of other infections, including HIV, Lyme and hepatitis.

Check4™ Features

Fast & Accurate Saliva Self-Test

Our Team Worked in Partnership with Purdue University

All New Nanosensor Technology

Results Available In Minutes

iOS & Android Compatible

Protected by 5 Patents

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Facts at a Glance

Graphene sensors rapidly detect infections digitally from saliva

Breakthrough technology that is not PCR or antigen

No enzymes, amplification, reagents or lab work

Ultra-high accuracy and sensitivity from saliva and other bodily fluids

Targeted at half the price of PCR tests

Multiplex tests for multiple infections simultaneously

Test in less than five minutes

Results sent to smartphones, remote dashboard or a clinical database

Plans to functionalize for direct diagnosis, biomarkers and T-cell immunity

Data capturing for infectious diseases


The Check4™ platform by IdentifySensors® represents a technological breakthrough, which electronically pinpoints genetic material of targeted pathogens in saliva. This portable self-test produces a digital signal that is analyzed in the cloud in less than three minutes with accuracy and sensitivity greater than PCR tests.

Solid-state electrodes enable almost instantaneous results without lab work, chemical reagents or amplification. In July 2022, the company partnered with Jabil Healthcare to optimize the technology for mass manufacturing. IdentifySensors® intends to significantly disrupt the diagnostics industry for multiple pathogens and realize substantial profits by 2023.

pathogen detection sensor reader in hand


Price per Share of Common

111 Shares / $499.50



Number of Share Holders


Total Capital Raised*


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In Partnership with Purdue University

When IdentifySensors® developed the concept for digital disease testing, the company knew it needed a world-class academic institution to verify the discovery and help move the technology to commercialization.

In 2019, IdentifySensors® partnered with the world-renowned Department of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Purdue University.

In the spring of 2021, IdentifySensors® moved the technology from the research lab to the commercialization stage, where the work at Purdue is being optimized for large-scale, roll-to-roll manufacturing.

In the summer of 2022, IdentifySensors® completed its proof of concept and partnered with Jabil Healthcare to optimize the manufacturing process.


pathogen detection sensor reader in hand
pathogen detection sensor reader in hand

Proprietary and Patented Technology

Years ago, IdentifySensors® began developing and patenting nanosensors that detect pathogens that grow in food during long-distance transport. When the pandemic struck, scientists turned their research to a rapid COVID test based on the same technology.

Soon into the development stage, researchers realized the technology could serve as an all-new disruptive platform that could forever change the medical testing industry. Check4™ currently has several utility patents, with others pending.

How Your Investment Will Be Put to Work

The next step is to refine the designs for efficient large-scale commercialization and manufacturing. Your investment will help manufacture millions of Check4™ readers and test cartridges and help bring them to market soon.


pathogen detection sensor reader in hand

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