Ghazi Kashmolah to direct manufacturing & FDA compliance for digital diagnostic platform.

CLEVELAND – IdentifySensors ® Biologics, the leading developer of digital diagnostic
technologies, has named industry veteran Ghazi Kashmolah executive vice president regulatory
affairs and chief quality officer. Kashmolah joins the company from Lucira Health, where he
served as chief quality officer and executive vice president regulatory affairs.
In this new role, Kashmolah will oversee practices related to manufacturing operations, quality
assurance and regulatory compliance for a wide range of medical devices that include multiple
patented technologies. The company’s initial product, Check4 ® , is a diagnostics platform that
digitally detects infections through graphene-based biosensors within five minutes. The
technology has been incorporated into a portable Bluetooth device for rapid results of multiple

“This technology is the future for pathogen diagnostics,” Kashmolah said. “Graphene-based
biosensors will be a serious disruptor to the PCR market and could very well change point-of-
care and over-the-counter diagnostics forever. I am very impressed by the very low levels of
detection, accuracy, immediate results and overall value. I am excited to work with
IdentifySensors and be at the forefront of this emerging field.”
The Check4 ® testing platform consists of two parts: 1) a reusable Bluetooth reader about the size
of a cell phone; and 2) disposable test cartridges that attach to the reader. As many as four
pathogens on a single cartridge can be detected simultaneously from a saliva sample. Other body
fluids are planned for future testing said Gregory Hummer MD, the CEO of IdentifySensors
Biologics. Next-generation biosensors inside the cartridges target specific sequences of nucleic
acids. The platform does not use enzymatic amplification or reagents.
Biosensors can be functionalized for a wide range of infections and diseases, including
respiratory illnesses, such as Coronavirus (COVID-19), Influenza and RSV. Diarrheal pathogens,
including Norovirus, Rotavirus and Adenovirus are under development along with sexually
transmitted diseases. The company is also advancing diagnostics for bacterial targets such as
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Legionella, Tuberculosis and foodborne
pathogens such as E Coli and Salmonella. Other high-priority pathogens include Hepatitis C,
HIV and Lyme.
Before joining Lucira, Kashmolah served in executive regulatory and operations roles for Orchid
Orthopedics, DJO Global, OSI Systems, Life Technologies, Rockwell Collins and Cardinal

Health. He earned a bachelor of science degree from Wayne State University, a master’s of
science in electrical engineering from West Coast University and executive MBA form
University of Iowa.

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