CLEVELAND – IdentifySensors Biologics, a leading developer of digital diagnostic technologies, has partnered with veteran Hollywood actor and philanthropist, William Shatner, to promote new technologies and investment opportunities in the company. Since his Star Trek days early in his career, Shatner has taken a personal interest in emerging technologies that hold significant possibilities for health and wellbeing.

“This is truly a revolutionary advancement,” Shatner said in a recent planning call with IdentifySensors’ senior leaders. “Everyone should know about this technology. It will change the world.”

Shatner will begin promoting the new technology in traditional media, social media, videos and podcasts, while seeking additional investments for the company. Shatner will also serve on the company’s senior advisory board.

“We are excited to have Bill join our team and our effort,” said IdentifySensors CEO and co-founder Greg Hummer. “It’s fitting that he will advocate for new technologies that he fictionalized on television more than 50 years ago. He has already provided valuable input for the company.”

IdentifySensors has developed graphene-based, solid-state biosensors intended to electronically detect multiple infections simultaneously from a single saliva sample. In preliminary testing, the sensors detected and differentiated targeted pathogen DNA and RNA through a digital signal at the gene level.

The biosensors have been incorporated into a portable Bluetooth device intended to enable users to see test results in minutes. The process is entirely electronic, with no chemical amplification or reagents. IdentifySensors has begun manufacturing and plans to submit devices for FDA review early in 2024. Products developed by IdentifySensors have not yet been approved for sale by the FDA.

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